Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Redefinition YEAH!

It's time to report back on EFAC Redefintion Camp 2008. Roughly a week ago (give or take) I embarked on the annual youth camp held at Encounter Conference Centre in Victor Harbor. As usual, things were being organised right up until the last minute before camp - I am beginning to think this will always be the case. Obviously a lot of things rely heavily on gaining the attendance numbers as far in advance as possible - unfortunately the "options generation" like to leave everything until the last minute and this makes it very difficult to get the information early!

Anyway... onto the actual camp! I got up there earlyish on the Friday night to help set up the band gear so we'd be all prepped when the campers arrived. Stepped out of the van... freeeeeeezing cold! Warmed myself up with a hearty meal at maccas though.

We soon found out that all the band equipment wasn't going to get to the camp until late on the Friday night due to a series of unfortunate events, so we just hung out until the hoarde of campers stampeeded of the bus and into the campsite and dorms. It had begun. From then on much fun was to be had in the form of various memories as dot pointed below:

  • Ghosting on the way up to the bluff.
  • Saturday Night Games (organised by Jason & I) including food roulette, disgusting drink challenge and a chaotic game of capture the flag with glow in the dark tennis balls that didn't actually glow in the dark and a whole bunch of glowsticks that looked pretty cool.
  • Greenhills - Team Robin Hood, Henry "loose cannon" Davis on the minigolf course & tackling on the bouncy castle.
  • Skanking and jumping around to Brendan's band - Left in the Changerooms. This was wicked fun, very tiring, and I think I may have jumped on a few people, but very fun!
  • Messy Food Games - "God stop the rain!", one kid playing the Mr Whippy game with his hood on, honey on people's faces, and my food fight with Samara!
  • Concert - Ninjas Vs Henry!!!
  • Articulate... need i say any more?
  • "Sneaking out" at 6am on the last morning for a 6 month celebration walk with Samara :D
I guess those are some of the "bigger" memories, but it's everything inbetween that really makes up the camp - the atmosphere, the tonnes of awesome kids, the jokes you say to kids are you walk past them, the talks from Tab about God, the endless comments on my height, the opportunities to talk about God & the friendly mealtimes with good food. Looking forward to next year... and CE Camp in the meantime!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

S8C Round 6/7

Haven't blogged in a while due to unforeseen life circumstances... even now I only have a few minutes to write something quickly. I just wanted to updated on the status of S8C - I think I'm up to my final week this week and I'm thinking of cooking Pad Thai! Last week was Redefinition camp so I've used up a credit from week 1 and the week before although I didn't actually cook any new dish, I did whip up some turkish delight icecream which was quite interesting! I'd woken up one morning a while ago and just had the brilliant idea of combining Turkish Delight chocolate bars and icecream. So at our Robin Hood movie night I combined the 2 tasty ingredients - chopped up turkish delight, whipped up icecream and used a slender blender thingo to mix them. Although the turkish delight goes quite hard when it gets cold so it took a while (and almost broke the mixer) but in the end it tasted delicious! Seriously am going to make it again soon - you should try it!

Round 1: Tuna Mornay, Pumpkin Soup, Italian Sausage and Capsicum Pasta
Round 2: Chinese BBQ Chicken Stir-Fry, Frankfurt Bake
Round 3: N/A
Round 4: Chicken Fried Rice
Round 5: Apple Pie / Shepherd's Pie
Round 6: Turkish Delight Icecream
Round 7: N/A
Round 8: ... Pad Thai?

Oh, and I'll hopefully blog sometime soon about Redefinition Camp (super fun!) .

Monday, June 23, 2008

S8C Round 5

Can't say I really put in a huge effort this week, had a look at some dessert ideas but never really got around to making anything. One annoying de-motivater is that I don't have an electric beater mixer thing, and a lot of the dessert dishes I looked at need one of them.

Having said that - I have learnt how to make an Apple Pie and and a Shepherd's Pie and kinda helped out with both but didn't make the complete meal. But I figure 1/2 a pie plus 1/2 a pie equals 1 pie. Although it I were to literally mix the apple and mince it would turn out to be an interesting pie. Shepherd's pie is an easy one, and may try making it again (all by myself) next time some mince is on special. Here's some piccies of me watching Samara do some apple pie stuff... I cut the apples up and stirred the pot a few times also :D

Also thought I'd run through a quick summary of my Super-Ate Challenge so far:

Super-Ate Challenge Summary so far

Round 1: Tuna Mornay, Pumpkin Soup, Italian Sausage and Capsicum Pasta
Round 2: Chinese BBQ Chicken Stir-Fry, Frankfurt Bake
Round 3: N/A
Round 4: Chicken Fried Rice
Round 5: Apple Pie / Shepherd's Pie
Round 6:
Round 7:
Round 8:

... 3 weeks to go ...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

S8C Round 4

This week I decided to dabble in some Asian cooking with a Chicken Fried Rice! Check out the recipe.

Out of all of the meals I have cooked so far, this one has the most unique flavour and taste. I really, really loved it. You know when you eat something and become full enough that you can't eat anymore, but you liked the meal so much that you just wish you had an empty stomach again so you could taste some more... well that's what happened! Very VERY nice. Oh and as always - REAL EASY TO COOK!

Next week I'm think I may try my hand at something different, maybe a desert dish... but we'll see what happens!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Earlier this year, a good friend of mine, Brendan, showed me a book he had been given. It was a collection of works by an artist called Banksy. As it happens, something must have reminded me of the artwork the other day, so I quickly looked up the banksy website and had a browse through his outdoor work.

It is just stunning. And it's all so "outside-the-box". My favourite piece (or style) or his is the yellow flower which connects to the street lines. I think the art speaks for itself, so I won't say too much more. Oh... and some of his stuff is just so daring (and probably trying to make a statement) - like the Mona Lisa holding a rocket launcher - oh so cool!

The best part about it - no one actually knows who he is. Banksy is just his alias! Um, he's also made some cool films, I think he goes into museums and replaces famous artworks with graffitied replicas over the top! Check out his website, all the outdoor artwork is just amazing!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

S8C Round 2

I am definitely glad that I've got a couple credits up my sleeve from Round 1... because this is already proving to be more difficult than I expected. Not that cooking is hard, it's just I've got to find the time to choose what to cook, make sure I go shopping to get the ingredients and then make sure I'm home at least one night during the week to cook the meal! So Round 2, last week, I cooked up a Chinese BBQ Chicken Stir-Fry and also helped out Samara in making a Frankfurt Bake. I don't have piccies from the Frankfurt bake but I'll tell you first hand that it is a pretty sweet meal, I could go some right now actually. Mmmmm...

Oh and I've realised I love cooking with onions. And I actually enjoy chopping onions as well. Like really enjoy it. Mmmmmm the smell is just delicious. We had a BBQ at church on Sunday, and I pretty much just pounced (kinda secretly) on the chance to chop the onions and then couldn't wait for them to be cooked on the BBQ!

I probably won't cook anything this week (Round 3) because I am actually not home for a meal until maybe Friday, so I'll use up one of my credits now and hopefully will be back in the chef's apron next week. Any suggestions?